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Fire down below

This is related to SamD's and SSRS's comment on the chick with a flamethrower.

Back when I was workin in not the loveliest place, anyways this dude, was changing out his fuel filter under his truck, and suddenly caught on fire. When I was bandaging him up in fire dressings, I asked him, "Sir, so exactly how did you catch on fire, your wife told me that you came a running for the house on fire, and you said your heater must have started it but, I didnt see a heater in your shop." He said, "well the truth is, I was smoking a joint, and I didnt know that the fuel would be pressurized, it sprayed me in the face when I was taking a drag on the smoke." I treated him, he asked if I was going to say anything about the pot, I said "What pot, you got burned dude, thats bad enough."

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Richard prior

had a similar scenario...

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