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first time buyer

I am wanting to purchase my first handgun. I am a left hand shooter so I have rulled out Glock I dont like how it feels. I have looked at he M&P 40 and liked it. I need something that can be used for conceal and in the house. Any input will be great.

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The Springfield XD pistols are very durable, as well as very safe. I know this because I own an XD40 service model (4" barrel). They also come in tactical(5"), compact, and subcompact(3"). They are more natural to point then a Glock, and have two great features. These include the Striker Status Indicator, which shows if the gun is cocked, and the Loaded Chamber Indicator, which shows if there is indeed a bullet in the chamber. Either of these two features can show indication by sight or touch, even in the dark. All in all the XD is an awesome gun and I HIGHLY recommend it.

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look into a sig. they will cost 200-300 more, but I think are worth it. Although I own glocks too. Its all preference. Go to a range and rent some guns to compare. Try an XD like john doe said.

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I am sorry. I didn't have a name entered and may still do not. I think I do though. It's Brian.

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