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Florida's Open Carry

Did it pass? I have not heard any thing on it?

6 years 47 weeks ago, 5:13 PM


Open carry

I would also like to know about that if possible, ISD you said the Gov just had to sign it right? Maybe a campaign trick, who knows ? Snake check your PM, please if reading this! and one more thing for all this Memorial day weekend-- I know LBC and Was where some of my friends were and Randy and some guys were Navy and some in Iraq and Aghan, why name them all right! It doesen't matter what you did or not do, or if you & wife sponsered somebody to when you were going after 3years in japan or whatever, pencil pusher swimmer, computer command center, operater, sp-ops etc, if you want to tell a story about anything, no questions asked especially about Nam, or anywhere else, everything believed, from here and me and family and friends and a much greatly appreciated thankyou from us all, for giving your all. God Bless and you will never be forgotten. You are all Heroes alike. JOHN & Family

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If he doesn't sign it or veto it, it will automatically become law which gives him plausible deniability for the next election. If he doesn't get recalled before then next election.

No sir, he fell into that bullet... Never argue with a stupid person. They'll just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience!!
6 years 47 weeks ago, 5:21 PM


For real

If he does not keep his promise or does not sign it, it will become law. But if he vetos it, no way right! jlc

6 years 47 weeks ago, 5:34 PM


Open carry

allright John- he is by the nineth or veto, and if veto he will brek campaign promise and get boot, you mean ? I am dense you know? JLC

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