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Freash Meat Needed!

Hey guys, I ran across a need for fresh meat. They will take deer, (obviously the parts that you aren't using), wild pigs, beef, sheep, goats, horses or about any other fresh meat that you may kill that you aren't going to use. The keys here are that the facility can not kill the animals themselves, and it must be fresh (i.e. not bloated and decaying) or no known diseases. If you kill something that you think may be rabid, please don't bring it to them.

The place is a rescue faclity for large cats. By large I mean everything from ocelots and bobcats to African lions and tigers. The animals have not been taught to hunt. In most cases, I suspect that they were smuggled into the country as cubs or perhaps in the cases of the bobcats, picked up in the wild as kittens, raised until they got too big for the owners to care for then the ASPCA or a state game agency picked them up and brought them to this facility.

The name of the facility is Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge. Their phone number as listed in the local phone book is 903-858-1008. They are located on State Highway 14 North of Tyler State Park but South of Nawkins in Texas. Obviously if you are hunting a great distance from here, then the meat would need to be refrigerated until you could get it to them. If you can help, please do. They depend on donations for money so they won't buy the meat, but may be able to help you by giving you a receipt for a donation.

Thanks to Clintlebo for being my source of information on where to post this. And thanks to the owners of the board for permitting me to post it here. I'm not advertising for them, simply asking you to help if you can.

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Great idea, and way ahead of you hear, We have a big cat reserve here in Florida about an hour from me, and I take eveything there, they even have a one of the last florida original leopards. Not mixed up for the black everglades lion. They have a little of everything, but it costs them like 200.00 a day just to feed these animals, so I give any pig I shoot now and encourage road kills deer etc too and spead the word. without people like that we would not have a clue what was really out there at one time. Good for you, You and the people are a good man or woman for doing that and preserving what some asshole started but could not finish like the roadside carnivals and such. Should have known you would be for that kind of thing Randy. My stars and stripes are off to you my friend. John

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How's things been, pal? I know the place you're talking about. Right near my wife's Aunt and Uncle's place. Yeah, I take meat there from time to time. So does my wife's cousin and a buddy of mine. I'll try to get a large hog sometime soon and get it out there.

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