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Couple of weeks ago we started watching NCIS.. it's been on for close to 10 years.. maybe longer, not sure.. This thing drives me crazy bout twice an episode.. I've never been a fan of pretty boy Mark.. The backwards T shirt thing makes me give him "the look" every 10 min or so, but an ok actor.. Problem is the show is right smack dab in the middle of the whole anti gun thing.. Also as their Naval criminal investigators the story line is almost always about a crime our military has committed.. I could live with all of that.. The acting is fine, the show pretty well scripted, and good characters.. whats called an "ensemble" production..

Deal is they use it as a liberal tool.. It's so obvious that the show is part of the hollywood elite, that pokes fun at anything that represents traditional values.. They don't have an open "gay" agenda at least.. but they do have subtle, (sometimes not so) jabs at religion, and boy howdy do they have an issue with guns.. Oddly enough they must have some sort of mil liaison, they carry sig's and handle them correct.. BUT here are these guys keeping their pieces in unsecured desk drawers. they just slam in a mag and go.. guess they keep it in condition one, as i've never seen a slide racked.. Also this is cool.. they can tell the exact gun from either an empty case or a spent bullet.. not the type of piece.. the exact piece.. They pick up one bullet and it's "Jameson's" piece..

What really bugs me is the negative about guns and hunting.. They had a show yesterday where a bear had eaten a man.. So of course all the hunters look like something out of deliverance.. The hunters could barely speak English, and of course had the prerequisite southern drawl.. Kept waiting for one of them to make somebody squeal like a pig..

Also made me mad as they had forest service, and park staff that "all" hated hunting.. Thats just not the case.. In all my back packing i never met anyone working with animals that didn't view hunting as so far more humane than other deaths in the wild, that i can honestly say i don't remember ever talking to a park staff who was anti hunting.. Ok.. I'm done thanks for listening.. Hope you all keep your t shirts on the right way..

a man has to hold his word, hold his beliefs, and hold a good sight picture.

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