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anyone got any good huntin stories?i just came back from a fun but ultimately unyielding bear hunt where i witnesed a buddy of mine pop two mountain quail from the side of the road near camp.nothing unusual about that but the hillside they were flying off was more a cliff than a hill.fortunately it had been raining just enough to make the ground tacky but not muddy so i volunteered for the job.he said he had seen one floping20 yds or so down the"hill" so he went after the other as i investigated the brush in the area he last saw it.i was standing uphill from a down log half stuck in the hilside and noticed a large rock on the other end.figured the bird would be there so i looked around.sure enough the bird wandered down the log under the big rock and hid himself in a paint bucket sized hole between some other stones just behind it.nothing unusual in that either but my buddy had shot 2 birds and the second,witch was already dead b4 hitting the ground rolled down the hill into the log that layed at a 20deg angle or so diagonally downhill, continued rolling down the log under the big rock and into the same exact hole as the other bird!of all the hillside quail retreivals and all the possible places 2 birds could be after being shot what are the odds of that?
that was probably even more interesting than the time i shot a quail that was tucked up under a tree in the grass on the side of the road and realized it was cold and had already been dead for a day ish (guessing)already.must have got shot and layed down for cover and died or somthing,but he was tucked in kinda puffed feathers and head tucked down but still standing up not drooping,looking straight ahead.even though i didnt kill it,i still took his crown feather because i did shoot it!hahai swear it looked alive still though.shoulda known when i shot him... he kinda did a roll that seemed funny and not quite right but at that time i thought nothing of it. till i picked it up and realized it was already cold.what are the odds on that one?

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