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Brandon is getting to be quite the marksman with rifles, Casey is coming along but she has trouble fitting herself and the rifle together. It's gonna take some work but we'll get it.

The Daisy .22 was at least 3rd hand when the Brandon & Casey's Daddy got it as a kid. I loaned it to my G-Dau in N. Calif for a few years then brought it back when she got too big for it.

Teaching these kids is turning out to be more fun than shooting!

I went to the oculist today with my shootin' eye problem. He said my eyes are VERY healthy but the right one is just a tad out of kilter and since the reading glasses make everything work okay no prob. Save glasses money for something else :<))
After all these years I finally have an eye Dr and a dentist I REALLY like. They both try to save me money and they're both right wing radical extremists, just like me :<)) Seriously though, very nice people.

Stopped in at the gun store today looking for primers and SWC bullets in .45. They only sell primers in the 1k rd brick. Don't expect to live long enought to use that many, & the only SWCs were TMJ.
Anyway, went to the check out counter, credit card machine don't work and I stopped carrying a check book at the dawn of the computer age. I'll get the stuff my next trip to town ;<(
Yo, anybody out there???


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