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Billy Sing DCM - Sniper with the 5th Light Horse AIF

Private William Edward (Billy) Sing 355A,DCM, 31st Battalion, of Clermont, Qld, who enlisted on 26 October 1914 and returned to Australia on 21 July 1918. While serving with the 5th Light Horse Regiment on Gallipoli, Trooper Sing acquired notoriety as an accurate sniper, shooting over 150 Turkish soldiers, for which he was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

In June, 1915 at Chatham's Post, near Gallipoli, Trooper Billy Sing of the Australian Fifth Light Horse Regiment made his mark on history. Along with his spotter Ion "Jack" Idriess, Billy Sing would leave the trenches in the dark hours before dawn to take up his vigil for the day, not returning until darkness had fallen again so as to reduce the chance of being seen. During his time at Chatham's Post, Tpr Sing made 150 confirmed kills. During one of his many forays, "The Assassin of Gallipoli", as he had come to be known was wounded, along with one of his spotters by an enemy sniper. Tpr Sing spent a week recuperating, while his spotter was repatriated back to Australia. Once he had recovered, Billy went right back to his old job, killing Turks. The Turks had become quite sick of losing as many as nine soldiers a day to Tpr Sing, so they sent in their own champion, "Abdul the Terrible" who had been decorated by the Sultan for his proficiency. Abdul took to studying every kill that was thought to have been made by Billy Sing. Eventually, he narrowed Billy's location down to a small rise on the heights of Chatham's Post. With a skill similar to Billy, Abdul went about selecting a hide from which to shoot and set about waiting for the Australian sniper to show, disregarding lesser targets. One morning, Abdul took up his position, certain that he had pinpointed the Australian sniper. That same morning, Billy and his spotter were setting up for the day's vigil when the spotter saw a target. Looking through his 'scope at the designated spot, Billy saw Abdul, with his rifle pointing directly at him and prepared to shoot. Abdul also saw Billy and started his preparations, but before he could fire, he caught a bullet between the eyes. It was shortly after this sniper duel that the Turks started using artillery against Tpr Sing, forcing him to find another hide.

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great story

and welcome to gunslot.

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Ty for the story very nice


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