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I came across this little tidbit of information concerning the use of a specific aftermarket trigger for glock. Please read it if you have modified your glock trigger assembly.
The report is from:

"Danger: A very serious and potentially life threatening situation has recently come to our attention. An aftermarket trigger distributed by defeats the firing pin safety in GLOCK pistols when it is installed. The vertical extension on a GLOCK trigger bar is in constant contact with the firing pin safety once this trigger is installed. If a loaded pistol is dropped, it will discharge without the trigger being pulled.

If you have installed this aftermarket part, immediately remove it from your pistol. If you know anyone else who has installed this trigger, please notify them immediately.

If this part is installed in your gun, it can discharge if the gun is dropped or jarred. Obviously this will lead to an unintentional discharge and may cause serious bodily injury to yourself or another."

I am not hacking on glocks here, I am trying to give information to aid in safe handling of weapons.

thank you

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good post

Clint!this is the stuff of the gunslot that i like to be a part of!

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good post!!!

Glock lovers can't even complain, it's a fault with after market assecory and not their beloved pistol. :)

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the after market trigger described. That may be because they took it down. I hope it is not the component made by Ghost, Inc. They have had an excellent reputation.
I have [not an aftermarket, but] an actual mod BY GLOCK, installed in my G23. This is normally, only available in Europe, as far as I have been told. It converted the G23 to a smooooth 3.5#. Did I forget to say smooooth?
If anyone is interested, I may be able to obtain the part from my source--
no profit to me.

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