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5 years 46 weeks ago, 7:52 PM

jay sedler

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good day after all

went turkey hunting eaaaarly this am,quit at 7:30 because the birds moved off,and as i moved to another blind for the late morning/afternoon hunt i walked right up on another hunter already set up to shoot in the direction i wanted to be.came home did some chores and decided to go sight in the newest member of my firearm my wife into it too witch was almost more fun than pulling the trigger myself.she shot more than i did i think,and did pretty good, hitting clays at 100+yds,and having a spread of 2 5/8" from edge to edge of farthest shots (5 shot)at 100 yds.i did 3 1/2" at 200yds with 2 of 5 hitting the bulseye,not as good as id have liked...after that i pretty much let her shoot up the rest of the ammo since she was havin so much fun,i couldn't take it away from her.

sighting in at 200
iron mt road shooting range near redding.can't see the target,but its right at the top of the first hill just above the bald patch.using my custom shooting table (dueling banjos playing) made from 3/4" mdf reinforced by a 2x4/2x6 recycled concrete form board frame and dish network satellite dish mounting masts used for legs and painted camouflage.
my very pregnant wife shooting the a r15 for the first time
the wife went to the shooting range with me to sight in my ar build.i talked her into firing it,and after that it was all over my ammunition i mean...
using the redneck engineered shooting bench.

wifes first ever 100yd target AR15
my wife has never shot a target,for accuracy testing,and taken it so seriously!she did a better job than i did,as far as experience,and weapon familiarity.100yd 55gr pmc fmj.
my first 200 yd 5 shot group out of my AR15 build(40gr bt V-max)
3 1/2" spread from widest points of widest shots...not as good as i wish i had done.

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very nice!

Looks like a good day indeed. Nice bench too.

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5 years 46 weeks ago, 9:30 AM


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Looks like you had a great time. /Those of us who were stuck at work are jealous.

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