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I am getting back into reloading and I'd like to know what you guys think are good powders for 9mm and 223. I used to use Hodgdon HP38 for my .40 and might go back to it for my 9mm, but I've also heard Hodgdon HS6 is a good pistol powder. Anybody have experience with other good powders? I'm not so much worried about stuff suited for benchrest or bullseye matches. I'm mainly looking for low flash and economical powder. Thanks for any input.

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I use....

I reload both 9mm and .223 I use alliance power pistol for 9mm. I have had good luck with it for target practice and touraments. I use IMR 4198 powder for my 223 loads, and I hand load them for accuracy.

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Reloading powders

For pistol I use Winchester 231 it works great for 9mm,38&357,40S&W, and 45 acp. For .223 I use Accurate 2460 or 2520 powder. Accurate use to have a Data powder that was cheap and worked good. But, you buy it anymore. I always looked to see which powder I could get the most ammo for my money.

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231 is a good powder for most hand gun loads, I like to use H110 for my heavy caliber hand guns.

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