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Guardians of Western Civilization”

Someone has to stand up and defend the world from the

ambitious plans of Islamists to gradually take over the entire world and turn it into a one religion, Islamic state under Sharia Law. In the past, various Infidels have interrupted earlier Islamic attempts at world conquest. In fact, Western civilization received a jump start in the late 14th century when Isabelle and Ferdinand pushed the Moors out of Spain ( 1492) and simultaneously sent Columbus West looking for a route around the Muslim lands in the Mid East where trade with the Far East had become almost impossible due to the high rate of interceptions of trade caravans by muslims. The successful search for trade routes became a springboard for all the aspects of western civilization that has made it the most successful civilization the world has ever seen. Over the next 500 years, we came out of the doldrums of the middle ages and into a high tech society that finds cures for diseases and sends men to the moon. Infidels should be very proud of their accomplishments. However,

we must pay attention, the Believers are on the march again. We must stand up to them.

“Submission is not an Option”…….. The Koran instructs Muslims to give Infidels a chance to convert to Islam, submit to “Dhimmitude” or be killed. Needless to say, “Submission is not an Option”

Icons……. The upper two corners represent our current operations in Afghanistan and Iraq and the “war on terror”…

The lower left corner represents the Crusades , fought between 1098 and 1250 with some short term successes, but ultimately doomed to failure as the Crusaders were a diverse force with strong personalities and differing goals. The Crusades were fought as a defensive measure after 460 years of Muslim conquest and rule of the previously mostly Christian lands in that region. Overall, with the Crusades the Western Europeans managed to stall the Muslim advances for a couple of hundred years, but ultimately, the Crusaders ran out of steam and the Muslims continued their advance north into Eastern Europe.

The lower right hand corner represents the first “Hostage Rescue Mission” of the United States Marine Corps in…..1805 ! in what is now called Libya. Since the 1780’s when the USA was still a very young country, the Barbary pirates had routinely attacked and pillaged American shipping that ventured along the northern coasts of Africa. In 1786 a young Thomas Jefferson, while serving in a diplomatic post in Paris with John Adams, challenged the Libyan ambassador about these atrocities. The reply was , basically, that the Koran declared war on all Infidels and it was their duty to attack any Infidels who had not submitted to Islam. Jefferson suggested to John Adams that perhaps a coalition with the French and English could put down these pirates….. that thought didn’t get very far even back then ! The US began paying a yearly tribute to keep the attacks in check.

Twenty years later, with Jefferson now President, the attacks had begun again and a fleet of frigates had been sent to the Med. One of them went aground and the crew was taken hostage. A Naval Agent, William Eaton, requested 100 Marines to locate and rescue the hostages. He was put ashore with Lieutenant Presley O’Bannon and 7 Marines. They made an arrangement with the brother of the Tripolitan ruler then took off on a 500 mile march across the desert with 500 mercenaries to the seaport town of Derna. On April 27th, 1805, this small force attacked and subdued the fort at Derna and for the first time in US history, the Flag of the United States was flown over foreign soil. Naturally, after winning the battle, they found out that a politician had paid the ransom…… nothing changes after 200 years…..

Our Goal…… Western Civilization is something to be proud of.

Its’ past accomplishments will pale when compared to the possible future accomplishments, if we can stay alive and healthy as a “civilization”. We must be aware that the march of Islam is once again on the rise and Infidels everywhere must stand up to them or be reduced to conversion or submission. An Islamic world under Sharia law is a horrifying prospect and a threat to civilized peoples.

Be aware, read about Islam, inform yourself, then spread the information to your friends and neighbors. Vote to protect our Western Civilization !!

John Adams…”….While the merciless and dissolute dogmas of the false prophet shall furnish motives to human action, there can never be peace upon earth, and good will toward men”

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