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Beretta Model 87 Targetpistol

I am looking for a Beretta Model 87 Target pistol to purchase. Please advise if you have one for sale or if you know where I may find one. Thank you

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shooting a sig 556

any body shoot the sig 556 at 200 yds/300yds etc and group size?

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Spare Mags

Hi guys, I own a Baikal Makarov IZH-71H Pistol and i'm looking for a 12 round spare magazine, anyone who can help? Thanks

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Girls and Guns

AzArmory - Love the pics that you posted with the girls. Where did you get them?

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What's your preferred handgun?

I myself am a huge Glock 19 fan. Tried the 26 and thought it was a bit too small, but the 19 fits my hand just right. What do you guys prefer?

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is there anyone here???????????????

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any competition shooters here?

anyone here participate in competition shooting? how about 3 gun matches?

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SLR 15 rifles

More info on these rifles can be found here: I purchased the Operator and am well pleased with the rifle....

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I'm thinking about getting a gun for protection... what type of gun should I get. Like what type of pistol/handgun...

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What Gun Should I Get?

Im a young female who wants to get a powerful yet, small, sleek gun? What should i get?

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9mm for 5'9'', 110lbs Lady

Do you guys have any suggestions for me? Can't decide between Glock, HK USP, Browning or S&W M&P, or some of the other models?

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Glock 21C problem.

Hi, I brought a new glock 21C so it made an squeaking sound every time i cock it then checked it and i found that the spring was rubbing the under of a barrel so i need some help, Any ...

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Hello, I need a help on my new Glock 21C.

My glock squeaks when i pull the slide back and forth repeatly so i need some helps regarding this problem and i wanna know if it is normal or something and i've lubed it up and it still squeaks, ...

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SIG P239 picture

That picture is not a SIG. It is an H&K USP. Don't know if anyone has advised of that fact. Cheers Dave

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Glock 19 vs glock 23

What does everyone think of the Glock 19 which is the compact glock that fires 9mm ammunition VS the glock 23 which is also a compact but it fires .40.

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Glock Talk

I am a big fan of the Glock pistol. Currently I own a Glock 17, 19, 23 and 26.

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