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COLUMBIA, S.C. – Police in South Carolina gave away roses on Valentine's Day. All you had to do to get one for your sweetie was turn in a gun.

Hoping to get the weapons off the streets with the "Guns for Roses" program, authorities in two central South Carolina cities set up a program where anyone who turned in a gun received a free rose and a Best Buy gift card.

At a Columbia church, five cars lined up to give away guns before the exchange had even started. About an hour and a half later, police had collected 75 weapons.

"We've got a great turnout so far," Richland County sheriff's spokesman Lt. Chris Cowan said.

A handgun was worth a $100 gift card, while a rifle or shotgun netted a $50 gift certificate. Cowan said one man turned in six handguns, worth $600 in gift cards.

But there was no amnesty for those turning in the guns. The weapons were checked to see if they were stolen, names and addresses were jotted down and ballistics tests would also be done to see if the firearm was used in a crime.

Cowan said the idea was spawned in part by Columbia Police Chief T.P. Carter and Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott, who has made headlines recently for investigating Michael Phelps after a photo surfaced showing the Olympic swimming champion smoking a marijuana pipe. The program was modeled after a California one; similar exchanges have been done in New York and San Francisco.

Cowan said gun donors were young and old, men and woman. Many had a big smile and some said it was a relief to get rid of the weapons.

And did the men even care about the rose?

"Most of them have taken it," Cowan said.

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ohhhhh noooooo

Guns N' Roses infringment sue there ass!!!! Dont ever turn your guns in for gift cards. this makes me SICK!!!!!

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Most of the guns turned in were probably turned in by folks who have had them sitting around for years and have not fired them. Or maybe they were given to them or something like that. It wasn't a mandatory program or anything and from what is input above, it was totally voluntary. Now, I do question the judgement of these folks...with the prices of guns skyrocketing, they should have just posted them for sale, probably could have gotten much more for them then the police gave them. Just sayin'
Bottom line though, another program aimed mostly at legal gun owners and does not address the issue of criminals with guns. You know, if there was a mandatory sentence of like 50 years without parole for using a gun in a crime, I would bet it would drop the rate at which guns are used in crimes to about zero. So, I guess I do have a bit of an issue with the motivation (seems self-serving in a way)...but overall something like this is not going to cause me to lose sleep.


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that they had previously stolen! LOL
Hey if you want flowersjust turn in your guns and your casket can be covered with flowers.

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I agree with Pkato

He's right on in this assessment. It's funny to me that the more powerful weapons were worth less. I bet most guns turned in looked like one of Greasy's project guns "before" pics

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