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I am getting ready to order a new Dillion Blue Press, but I am looing for some feed back to see if they are worth the money. The one I am looking to buy is the RL 550B they say it will load up to 500-600 rounds an hour. At this time I have an RCBS press, and she works good, she is just real old and slow. If I get the Dillion I will probably use it for my .45ACP, 9MM, and .223 and misc. other rounds, and use the RCBS for my .338 Lapua because lord knows I can not afford to load 500 rounds an hour for that rifle. From the way it sounds is that the Dillion will accept my RCBS dies.
If anybody has any info I would appreciate some feedback.

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Yes, the RL 550B will accept RCBS dies. All my rifle and pistol dies are RCBS dies, that I use with my RL 550B reloader. You will loaded faster with pistol than rifle. The shell plate for the 45ACP will work with .22-250,308,.30-06 rifle brass. When you buy the press they will give you a booklet for it, and in the back of the booklet it will tell you which powder funnels and shell plate will interchange to help you save some money.
I have had my Dillon press now for about 19 years. I started out with a single stage RCBS press, and then I when to the Dillon Square Deal. When I got to shoot a lot of .308 match rounds I when to the RL 550B and I have had it now for 16 years. In the 16 years I have had my RL 550B I have reloaded around 160,000 rounds with it.
The Automatic Powder Measure for the press is very accurate. I used it to shoot benchrest matches and precision match. I shot the loaded rounds over a chronograph and I was only getting a 7 fps spread in fps.
With rifle rounds I resize them with the resizing die and deprime them and clear them afterward. After the brass is all clean I use a Lee hand primer to prime my rifle brass. I use the primer on the press for pistol brass.

Hope this help, if you have more question about the press let me know.

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That's good info, tks.

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