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Handgun Question

Just wanting to get some suggestions from the masses. A friend of mine is looking to buy his first handgun. He wants a handgun that would be easy for him and his wife to use, be easily concealed or carried in a purse, and would also be good for home defence. Also, he would like to select ammo of a caliber with managable recoil and that has good stopping power, but not so powerfull that it would go through a "target" and through the wall or two behind it. He would also like to keep the price tag around $800 or less. I have a few ideas of what to tell him, but wanted to hear yalls ideas on it too. Thanks

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Given all the requirements, I would have to recommend a Smith & Wesson
model 36, 38Special+P or a Model 60, .357mag/38special+P, both with a 3"
barrel. They are small have a discreet carry capability but most importantly, they should be able to handle the recoil. I left out a S&W Mod 620, 357/38+P, but it is a little heavier. At 38 ounces, it is a tad heavy for a normal purse. If your friends can't handle the 38Special, I will send them at low cost a bucket of my infamous hammers.

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I like autos... so I would suggest a 9mm glock (probably G19) or XD or something similar. They are very simple to operate for autos, easy to field strip, and are very reliable.

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I agree with Reaper

A Glock 19 is the compact version of the G17 which weighs 21 ounces and is small enough to conceal. The G26 is even smaller in the same 9mm calibre. Hollow point personal defense ammo (many brands here) will match your requirement for not going through walls. IMO 9mm is about as small as you'd want to go for stopping power. It's all a compromise. A Glock won't recoil as badly as some of the J-Frame pistols that physically hurt your hand. It's also a nice size: Big enough for your hand, small enough for hers.

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remember, that his wife must have enough hand and arm strength to jack the slide, if he is selecting a Glock or other semi-auto. In addition, if his wife has small hands, the pull length on the Glock may be too long, thus making it difficult or not possible to reach the trigger properly. If that were the case, I would recommend the S&W M&P compact model, which has a significantly shorter pull length, and adjustable backstrap sizes.

All of the above means, he and his wife must try them out, at their gun store, before making the purchase.

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