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DRT lead-free projectile is a revolutionary round. The bullet breaks apart on contact with a solid surface. It can be calibrated to turn to metallic dust when it strikes the thinnest metal, or beefed up to pierce thick layers of steel.

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Never tried DRT....

but I've read on several occasions that it is over priced junk. That is all I know about it!

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Never Heard of it


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Can't see how it could possible work. There is a round I read about called the APLP Armor Piercing Limited Penetration round that worked kinda like that, but there was no calibration involved. When striking a metal traget, it acts as an AP round, but when hitting a softer target, it acts as a frangible round. I read about a security contractor who used the stuff in an ambush and shot a haji in the ass at about 110 yds and nearly took his leg off. Another account I read, a rag was shot in the neck and his head came completely off. Seems like good stuff if it's real. But i imagine it'll be awfully expensive and I've already sold all three sisters into prostitution, sold my soul, and sold my firstborn, so until the cartels come calling for route security, my supplemental sources of income are depleted.

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