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Heat tolerance

I usually leave my carry gun in my truck during the day when I'm in the office for 7 to 9 hours. Its usually either a G23 or a P229. I have an all black truck, and in the AZ summer it consistantly reaches 115 degrees outside, so I'm guessing its atleast 150-160 inside my truck. My question is... should I be worried about leaving my loaded gun in that kind of heat? I'm not worried about the gun, more so the ammo. I've been doing it for quite a few years now without any problems, but I wanted to hear other poeple's take on it because its always in the back of my mind. What is the heat tolerance of most factory ammunition? A couple hundred degrees, or a thousand? I know brass has a melting point around 1600 degrees, but at what point, if any, will the round discharge?

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Reaper re: Heat

From the little that I have read on the subject, people in Arizona have been doing this for years. My main concern would be degradation of Ammo over a long period of time. Heat will not melt your gun or set off ammo. Why not just carry your clip and ammo inside work with you. If really concerned a little ice chest and a blue ice in it should really help. Just a styrafoam ice chest or box, like some guns are shipped in would help also.

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Toss a round in a campfire. It's not nearly as dramatic as in the movies! As Sam said, degrading of the ammo is real. Bringing the clip into work would be ideal but maybe against company policy. The ice chest could be a problem with steel clips. Even if you have aluminum or plastic clips I wouldn't want to load them until they were warm & dry.

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