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In the State that looks like your Left hand there lives a fellow who has been shooting for a very long time. A fellow who not only shots for fun but teaches the finer points of shooting to a lot of other Michiganders, and hoosers and buckeyes as well. If you read the last months Rifel magazine you will have found an article about Super Quick Clean Guns which tells the tale of this newbee and how he discovered a total gun care solution that is so easy to use and so wonder on your firearms it has sprung from our office to places now as far away as California, Washington State, Alaska, Florida, and parts East.

If you love to shoot like I do, and if you enjoy bring that thrill to a youngester like I do, then we have a lot to discuss. If you hate to clean up your AR-15 or your Sig Saur, or Glock then we need to talk. A clean gun is like a clean mind... ready for the next adventure... but a dirty gun and a dirty mind are destined for a good scrubing. The solution that I use is our very own Super Quick Clean Gun formula which is the fastest, and easiest way to get that firearm clean. Check us out on We have been working with a lot of Law Enforcement Professionals who love the way it works and like the fact that it doesn't smell and is very gentle on your hands. I don't want to sound like an advertisement, but shooting guns is something that I really love and keeping them clean is now second nature to me. It can be that way to you as well. I teach the NRA CCW course and one of our greatest points in selecting a firearm is functional reliability... Dirty guns drop that below 50%... something that you do not need to let happen espically when we can strip and clean a Sig Saur in under 1 minute 30 seconds. Inside and out and leave it totally clean, lubricated, dry and rust free.

Deer season is once again upon us here in the Mitten, and as always the weather outside is frightfull... rain, snow, rain, and cold... everything you don't want and everything that is bad for your gun, but not if it is cleaned with SQCG's... it will weather the storm, shoot when you need it and come back for lots more. All the while remaining rust free.

We just finished the Tulsa Gun and Knife show, and the people in the Midwest bought a ton of ammunition... I hope that all of you got some before the price went up...

Remember, we live in a society, and therefore we are a community of law abiding citizens,provided that nobody tries to destroy our Consitution.

So Take heart, shoot often, and shoot well... for the time when we might need to use those tallents to safeguard our Nation.

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to Gunslot and Amen brother. We must be vigilant...

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was that just the closed captioning for an infomercial?

"Proelium Comminus Auctoritate" "Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is a muzzle flash."
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you forgot to add "NOW ONLY 19.95 PLUS S/H", and wait... if you order in the next ten minutes you get twice the amount!

If you do not stand behind our troops...please stand in front of them....
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this product

is great if you live in michigan and can buy it but if you have to ship it add a 20 dollar hazmat fee!

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