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okay a shotgun chambered 2 3/4 12 guage can also fire 3inch shells including buckshot and rifled slugs and will work vice versa????????

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I'm not a shotgun expert or nothin, but I believe that a shotgun with a 2 3/4 chamber CANNOT take the 3" shells. Also I dont believe a barrel with a choke in it CANNOT fire slugs. Buckshot should be fine though. A boomstick with a 3" chamber CAN take both 2 3/4 and 3" shells. Verify that with some of the others that have a better working knowledge with shotguns than me though.

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shotgun chamber

if it is chambered for 2 3/4" that is the largest shell it will take.

if it is chambered for 3" it will take 3" or 2 3/4".

if it chambered for 3 1/2" it will take 3 1/2", 3" or 2 3/4" etc...

You can go down in size, but not up.

A slug may mess up your choke. I know I'm not suppose to shoot steel through one of mine, only lead. I'm pretty sure they make chokes for slugs.

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