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Hey all

My name is john I live in a rural town in the nethern corner of Kansas about 15 miles from Ne where I work as a welder building air suoolies for grain bins and the like. I like target shooting with my nephews in NE AND HUNTING EVRYTHING FROM RABBIT AND SQUIRELS TO DEER.I like revolers and lever action rifles although I do like my 7.62x54 bolt and my 50 cva. I also like to build things and customize things.

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right on

i have a marlin model 36 which is the daddy of the 336 in .30-30 i am redoing it now i sandblasted the metal then hot blued it(this is the bluing on the guns you have if wanna know about it let me know and i will do a forum topic on it)the buttstock was split when i traded for it so i epoxyed it back together and sprayed it and the foreend with truck bed coating it gives it a nice durable finish that protects it i am callin it my assault .30-30 cause when lever guns came out way back when they were the assault rifle of their time and u know what a military m16 looks like all black and stuff so imaagine it

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