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This thread is intended to host links, diagrams and tips relating to the building of AK series rifles and pistols.

Arizona Response Systems (ARS) - Notes on AK Rifles
Mark knows his stuff and shares many of his insights here.

From Soup to Nuts, Building an AK Receiver
Good guide on how to build a receiver from a flat.

Screwing Together an AK
For folks wanting to do a screw build vs. rivets, this is a very good starting place.

AK Pistol Build Pictorial
Good write up on how to make an AK Pistol.

How to do a M70 Virgin Barrel
This is a very good guide with plenty of pictures.

Pookie's Website
Pookie is a legend in the AK world. He has tons of info about how to make AK tools, adapt designs, etc.
Pookie's AK Construction Notes are at:

Excellent Pictorial of an AMD-65 Build
This fellow took a ton of pictures and time to detail how to build an AMD. Builders of any type of AK can learn from what he did.
Kit Prep:
Bend Flat with DPH Jig:
Fitting Parts in Receiver:
Spot Welding the Rails:
Heat Treating:
Press in Barrel & Headspace:

Build Your Own AK From Two Points of View
Nice overview of approaches from my-rifle and tapeo.

Andre's Guns - AK Receiver Bending
Good write up on his approach to bending a flat.

All Thread Barrel Install Method
Reviews how to use a length of allthread rod to install a barrel. Note, you must freeze the barrel and heat the trunnion to have a chance. This method hasn't worked reliably for me. There's another design that is much heavier that I will scout around for.

How to Make an Electronic Bore Cleaner
This is a pretty interesting piece.

How to Use a Trigger Guard Jig
Shows how to use a jig such as the one AK-Builder sells.

Project Guns
Good info on parkerizing and much more.

Valmet's Thread on Rust Bluing
This is the best thread I have ever read on rust bluing.

Home Hot Bluing
Lots of info on hot bluing here.

AK-47 Parts Breakdown
Has pictures of the parts found in an AKM.

Templates for Receivers and Tooling/Jigs
Someone collected this info together. Includes plans for rivet jig:

How to Adjust an Side Mount Optics Clamp
Tantal wrote up how to adjust the clamp on a combloc side mount.

LightLoad's AMMS Pivot Pin Fix
Lightload wrote up how to use a rivet to replace the underfolder pivot pin on the Hungarian AMMS.

AK Barrel Component Reference Dimensions
Very good reference info on dimensions such as gas tube length, etc. by country.

Tapping Drill Reference Chart
Includes metric sizes.

How to Load a 75 Round Chinese Drum Magazine

How to Fix Trigger Slap and Doubling
This is a great illustrated write up on how to modify the disconnector to stop slap and doubling.

Nalioth has collected a bunch of info on his site

KY-AK's Custom Bullpup
He discusses some good approaches to making a bullpup including how he did the trigger linkage.

The 555th Receiver Flat Bending Jig
Very good write up and you can download the plans for this jig to bend AK receiver flats. Lots of pictures.

Please note that this thread is for reference materials only.

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