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YouTube Building Videos

How an AK-47 Works
This is a basic computer animation that is well done. If you are building your first AK and want to understand how it operates, this will help - especially with how the FCG is oriented and how it works when the bolt carrier moves back and when the trigger is pulled.
Working on video!!!
Some Excerpts from AGI's How to Build an AKM/AKS

For very well done tips on building an AK, check out the user BuildYourOwnAK on Youtube.
He has good videos and tips. I got a number of new ideas from him while assembling the lists for this page.

The below are a mix of BuildYourOwnAK's videos and others.

How to Bend a Receiver

Review of NDS-2 Receiver

Removing Receiver Stubs

Demilling the Trigger Guard

Removing Old Rivets from Front Trunnion

Pressing out Barrel Pin
Includes how to use a drill to remove the sight leaf. This is a slick trick I do too.

Barrel Removal

Locating the Trigger Guard and Mag Catch

Drilling Front Trunnion Holes Front Trunnion Rivets In

Pressing the Barrel Back In

Checking the Headspace on your AK-47

Drilling Rear Trunnion Holes

Pressing Rear Trunnion Rivets w/AK-Builder Jig

How to Install the AK Fire Control Group (FCG)
This is very well done! Watch what he does with the trigger spring! I have fought that spring so many times and will now try to do what

Drilling a Scope Rail
Good tips on locating and drilling the rail.

How to Rivet a Scope Rail

How to do Rivets That Look Bulgarian

Now, AK-Builder also has videos on Youtube
He's a great guy to deal with and makes some of the best tools out there. Other than tools that I have made myself, all my tools are from him.

AK-47 Barrel Pin & Barrel Removal
You can hear the bang when it let's go!

Lower Bolt Rail Guide Spot Welding

How to Replace a Gas Piston

Review of Stamped AK Receivers
Very interesting - he shows six different types of receivers and rifles.

How to Bend an AK Receiver

Skilled with an AK
Not a build video, but interesting. Watch this Russian soldier reassemble a stripped AK.

How to Disassemble an AK Bolt
Video but no talking of a guy taking a bolt apart.

How to Install the firing pin
The fellow who just took it apart then puts it back together.

Weapons Manuals & Books - Including AK Manuals

If you are looking for an owner's manual, tech manual, field manual, etc. Check out:

This is a huge collection!!

Take note that the system requires a user ID and password to download the manual *but* the host provides that right at the top of the page:

User ID = manuals
Password = chipin

Quarterbore has PDFs of Books and Manuals

Steve's Pages
This is another massive site. I think it may be the biggest of the resources listed. Tons and tons of small arm manuals - commercial and military.


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Fieldstripping an AK - Websites and Videos

How to Field Strip an AK

Another Field Stripping Guide

And Another

Note, just about every AK rifle variant that has a commercial user's manual will have field stripping covered as part of it. If you need more info, go to one of the manual sites listed.

Field Stripping Videos (may have some dupes):

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Great info. I got tired just reading your list.
Do you have a nice one AK for sale. I would love to have one. Maybe some horse trading? Let me know, samD

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great info Nitris


i tried being reasonable,i didn't like it, NRA LIFE MEMBER,USMC VETERAN
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+1 Nitris

great links

"Proelium Comminus Auctoritate" "Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is a muzzle flash."
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Hey Sam, not at the moment but center fire has the Hungarian AMD 65 on for 419.99 was 399.99 last year. Great what you might call truck AK or hoe protection. I will be picking up two of them in a couple weeks.

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Thanks guys, let me know if any sites do not come up and I'll fix them.

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Thanks Nitris,

if I didn't have to spend all of my money to see, I too could have a new AK in the fold (still bitter am I)....LOL

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