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Vaquero's Young video got to me, and so did the "stare at the celing" thing. growing up Pop had rules about putting our elbows on the table.. Pop also had no problem using a stalk of celrey as a "motivator" not to do same..So long bout 7 on up it was WACK cheek, arm, what ever was close.. and of course you couldn't cry.. I'm laughing cause bet money you all heard the same "i'll give ya something to cry about" that i did.. So to keep from crying i'd stare at the celing.. Hellow walls.. Know whats wonderful.. it worked, i sure didn't (don't now) put those "bows" on the table..

Guessing the red welt id have for a couple of days would get somebody in jail today, and how sad.. I don't want to digress (least not more than normal) but i've always known i got lucky in the parent department, and never for a second thought there was anything wrong with this till i told the story at work one time years ago.. and a few of those from the younger generation started acting like i had been an abused kid.. Couldn't believe it.. I can honestly say that i never had a second that i didn't know the folks loved me, and always knew the good Lord blessed me in the parent department.. Seems like all the kids i hung around with would show up with the occasional lump or welt, and if any thing i thought my folks might have been easier on me than some of my friends folks..

This might be a bad subject for some of you guys, as i know that abuse happens, but i also know that overall kids behave better if they know the next step after a raised voice can make you "stare at the celing".. Anyway thanks for the video pard.. and keep that bowl of celery down at your end of the table..

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and there is not one thing funny about the Humerus (Funny Bone)....

yeah, remember that one pretty much...

No sir, he fell into that bullet... Never argue with a stupid person. They'll just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience!!

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