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I listened to the POTUS' speech [yesterday] that kicked off another of a bunch of bullshit conferences about how to effectively deal with ISIS.

It was obvious that he and his writers very carefully chose, the words and phrases that they thought would best con the people of the USA, into changing their perception of REALITY.

"THE WHITE HOUSE SUMMIT ON VIOLENT EXTREMISM" will begin the overwhelmingly impossible attempt to talk about, talking ISIS into submission. But--Big Brother [the POTUS] and his far left liberals will pontificate from on high, that the problem REALLY IS UNEMPLOYMENT among the 40,000 or so angry, disaffected ISIS soldiers, and we must take sociological actions to bring the frustrated/aggressive steamroller to a halt.

Our POTUS wishes us to believe that the guiding tenets of Islam communicate peace and non-violence, and we should NOT be at war with Islam--- INSTEAD, IT IS VIOLENT extremists that we are at war with, and must be dealt with.[ It has nothing to do with Islam].
I take great issue with this philosophy: One has only to study the Koran and the Hadith, and find hundreds of specific religious instructions that justify the kind of behavior we are seeing [beheading , burning, torture, etc] For examples, please see: 8:12 and 47:4. It is obvious that these radical Islamists are guided and justified in such religiously sanctioned brutal behavior, and feel themselves anointed to lead the global Jihad [against us, the infidels], being led by the NEW ISIS Caliph-Abu Bakr al Baghdadi.

What the POTUS will struggle against is the REAL "elephant in the room". He does not want us to realize that as the Islamic axis organization gains enormous strength, the "word" is going out to Muslims around the earth---"if you are a true believer you must support global Jihad in a manner in which the Caliphate directs: OR ELSE you and your family are forfeit to the inevitable Fatwa which calls for death". Certainly there are Muslims who are good citizens and neighbors, and do not believe in the violence being perpetrated by Radical Islam--BUT put yourself in their shoes, and contemplate international death squads which will enforce the Caliph's orders. ISIS is killing and torturing Christians, Jews, and their fellow Muslims, right now, on a daily basis, if they will not comply. We must think about what the near-term world will be like, if the world fails to deal with this crisis quickly and decisively.


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I agree, it was pianful to watch knowing how damaging he and his policies have been to our country. You watch his lackeys stumble over his rhetoric at press conferences and that is not the worst part. The average obama voter has no clue what he has done, nor do they care.

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