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And some of the questons were "If your monthy 'friend' comes to vist at school, do you think you should pay for your tampom?" and I put "No way, they should supply them!" and some questons, and they said that I was a McCainer, and one of the Qeustons was defently an Obama queston, "If your teen friend gets pregnate, what should they do??" and A was, "It's up to them, it's their body and their baby" and the other one was "Abortoin is OK", I chose that it's up to them. This test said I'm a McCainer as I like to call it, and I still like obama, but, I relized that I agreed with McCain, and how did this contry become free? Becuase paople went to war!!! And obama says people should come back from war, but how would that make US look?

Ya friend, Kelly Bright
8 years 20 weeks ago, 7:39 PM


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i think Barbara Bush uses a clump of grass as a tampon

...check... G-AZ

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