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No one would expect him to do so, but if that miracle suddenly occurred, these are some of the things I believe he would say:

"The State of the Union could not be worse. 10 million fewer US citizens are working, families are earning less, graduates cannot find jobs, and poverty has soared to record levels. When I leave office, the Federal debt will have doubled. Health insurance premiums for most people are soaring because the insurance pools have failed to attract the necessary numbers of young, healthy premium payers to offset the costs incurred by older more sickly insured people with pre-existing conditions. I lied to you, when I said you could keep what you had---I had to, so we could get you to support the National Health System we thought would be best for all of our people.
My Executive Branch bureaucracies were involved in, and botched "Fast & Furious", Benghazi, Obamacare, IRS, NSA, and [almost] FCC scandals, and I know that high level executives will be prosecuted, one way or the other, for their misdeeds and/or incompetence.

My "Lead From Behind" international policy style has probably been responsible for just the OPPOSITE of what other PsOTUS worked so hard to create--- that is, a well respected partner for all who want peace and freedom around the world. What I created has been a burgeoning al Qaeda, an Iran that WILL have nuclear weapons despite agreements to the contrary, ever expanding influence of Putin's Russia and the competing Chinese, and support for middle eastern chaos by enabling bold actions by the Muslim Brotherhood. I have also alienated Israel, by "looking the other way" at ever increasing anti-Semitism in the European Union, and Scandinavia. Through my Secretary of State, I have further alienated our Israeli friends by hinting at support for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel, if they do not capitulate to Palestinian Authority demands.

I admit that I have abused and sometimes kicked aside the Constitution that I promised to preserve, protect and defend, and I have threatened the Congress with the use of executive orders, my pen and my phone. I realize now that such threats, were in fact, against the People of the United States. I admit to trying to cause social chaos for my advantage, by pitting men against women, rich against poor, black against white, christian against jew. I see that the USA is more divided socially and culturally now than since before WW II, and I am beginning to understand that the People of the United States are now sensing my attempt to divide and conquer. They are beginning to realize I have been "selling" from a bag full of empty rhetoric, and without my handlers and teleprompter, I do not have a creative idea in my head.

I realize that many believe I have committed "high crimes and misdemeanors", spelled out in the Constitution as impeachable offenses, but I doubt the House of Representatives will ever institute impeachment proceedings, because of the potential political embarrassment of losing such a battle, as happened against President Clinton. I will go on, through my term of office, blaming everyone else for future political blunders, scandals and debacles, because I know the Liberal media will protect me, as they have over the last six years.

[Note; The idea for this posting came from a posting on another site, author unknown.]

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On another note, the United States should pull out of Chicago, more people were killed there, then were killed in Iraq during the war.

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