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7 years 36 weeks ago, 9:41 AM


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The Obama Administration's failure to lock-down the southern border is now costing Americans more than just their lives, it's costing them money-a lot of money. The Examiner has more on the shocking story:

On April 17, 2009, the Orange County Board of Supervisors agreed to pay $3.75 million, plus an additional $900,000 in medical expenses to an illegal alien who was severely beaten by other inmates in the Orange County Central Jail. The Mexican national filed a lawsuit shortly after the incident.

Fernando Ramirez, 24, was in jail after being charged with molesting a 6-year-old girl at a local park. He eventually pled guilty to the lesser charge of battery against a child.

According to his attorney, Ramirez suffered brain damage and now needs help walking. Attorney Mark Eisenberg also claims that his client has been left with an intellect of a 4-year-old child.

Despite the dire financial crisis facing Orange County, Ramirez received the largest settlement ever awarded by the county for an in-custody incident. The Board of Supervisors made their decision in a closed-door session and have refused any comment on the matter.

This story has yet to be covered by the main stream media.

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As though they don't take enough money from our country. Wait, until the rest of the illegals hear this. OMG!

7 years 35 weeks ago, 12:07 PM


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Child Molesters

It seems the guys in the jail were taking care of business and that punk got what he deserved.

This is a great example of an unforgivable act... a 24 year old with anyone under 15 is a death sentance in my humble honest opinion... I don't think it is as bad if the ages are 17 and 19, but a baby is a baby and these bottom feeders need to be buried.... Permanantly....

Who are the fathers of these children and why do they not ever seem to kill these people who do these things to children? I have a son and a daughter and I am not really the turn the other cheek type. It is better to die a hero than to live life a coward... How would you ever look your child in the eyes and tell them you love them or that they are safe with you if you do not prove your love and committment to their security?

Again, this is just my humble honest opinion....

Best Regards TL “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” ---Aristotle Greek critic, philosopher, physicist, & zoologist (384 BC - 322 BC)
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Bottom feeders, sounds like the guy got what he deserved! I feel that while we have these guys we don't need to test on animals. You harm the hadicapped, elderly or children your rights as a human being are null and void!

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