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7 years 41 weeks ago, 12:56 AM

greg az

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Oct 2009
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Make that new to me.. Know i mentioned this to a couple of you guys, but not sure who was on the other night, talking about my brother comming up for a visit, and that he might be bringing me a model 19 k frame.. IT HAPPEND...
This all started when i gave my bro an old, and i mean Old Colt army double action revoler. This is the one that caused the problems with failure to stop the Moros, and led to the into of the 1911.. It's an old "flat latch" (for those of you who arent into old Colts, theve basicly only had two latch mechinisms, the modern one which is rounded, and the original which is just a flat piece of iron with a 90 degree sticking out to pull on. This was rechamberd in 38 spl, from the original 38 colt, and virtually no blue left. Still a wonderful 100 year old Colt that was a pretty good shooter. so anyway brother Gary being retired Army and all sorta wanted it, and last time he was here i gave it to him. He asked what i wanted in return, and told him i wanted a 19 he's had for a long time that is a 3 T (trarget trigger, hammer, sights).. this baby has a sear that you can't feel till it drops.. Wonderful trigger, and just a small amount of holster wear, an honest 99% perfect gun.. Pics, and targets (have a feeling this baby will print) follow asap.. Nothing like a new gun to make a guy feel happy..

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7 years 41 weeks ago, 1:02 AM


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Glad ya got it greg

Figured you would have tried it out on the washer today!!

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7 years 41 weeks ago, 1:23 AM


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Dec 2009
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S&W 19

You lucky dog lol I have
a Tarus 357 that looks just
like it and I love it

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7 years 41 weeks ago, 2:23 AM


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Excellent deal for you. Model 19's are excellent guns, & with 3T's it's even better. Is it also pinned & recessed?

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7 years 41 weeks ago, 10:36 AM


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congrats....does'nt getting a new gun make the world a better place????

...check... G-AZ

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