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But apparently our Illustrious Embarrassment-in-Chief is talking about trying to get 120 billion in fees from banks to help pay down the deficit. First off, like that'll help a lot. That'll last about three weeks with the pork these fuckheads pay for. Second, even if he can make it stick and make the banks pay it, where the fuck does he think the banks are going to make that money from? You know, I'm a dumb-ass soldier, no college degree, no experience in banking or business, and no 400 dollar haircuts (7 bucks plus tip for a high and tight flattop. My chest hair is literally longer than the hair on my head), and I graduated with a 1.8 GPA from the Missouri public education system, but I think I can answer this question. THEY'LL RAISE FEES PAID BY CUSTOMERS!!!!!! Calm down, Dave. This sucks. I failed to restock my Class 6 supplies, so all I have in the fridge is a couple bottles of New Castle brown ale and a couple bottles of my wife's strawberry acai Smirnoff Ice. Oh well, guess I'm gonna go foo foo tonight. I'll be like Reaper. Fuckin' POS we have in office. Hell, not like the GOP is much better.

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Yep, they will take the limits off credit card rates and the the feds will raise the interest rate, this shit is not done by a long shot. There isn't anyone waiting in the wings that will make it all go away either.
Besides, if a politician came up with a solution, someone is getting screwed!

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i heard about this

it is basically a tax on the banks.what a joke.the Fed gave the banks our tax dollars to help them then they are gonna tax the banks?hell ya the banks are gonna pass off the tax in higher fees and rates!

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Straight up fact.. Its been quadrupled (may or may not be spelled right, how bout X4) in the past year.. these are cold hard facts..Yes the GOP started it with the bank bail out.. but bottom line is it's happened.. we now owe so much.. and this is not an inflated bs figure..this is fact.
If evey dollar the gov got went straight to the debt, it could NOT pay the intrest.
What amazes me is how this was the biggest deal in the world when we were 1/4 the debt, and now its no big deal.. They "moniterized" ie the debt is not backed anymore.. just printing dollars. This has never worked in history.. Nor has it been done in our nations history.. it's admitted to by all.. and nobody appears to really care, it's a guarantee fast track to third world status, but apparantly were more concerned with the crap that all most everyone in gov. is using as a smoke screen to devert the nations attention.. Gosh did ya hear that Reed said the word negro.. I can't help but think about all the lives that were sacrificed (ok im on a rant, and getting emotional, feel free to skip to the end) to make this nation what it is..sorry WAS.. Now weve got (fact) over 50% of the kids total droping out of HS.. and an economy that is guaranteed to fail.. That shining city on the hill of Reagans is fast becoming a 3rd world slum.

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Not only are we having to pay for the 700 billion now we'll have to pay another addition..............well our kids and there kidsand there kids.........................etc........

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