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Imperial Defence ltd.

I am actually inquiring about the specifications of the gun. I bought a .45 Imperial Defence because it is one of the cheapest .45 being sold. Out of the box, the gun performed poorly shooting low to the right. It took a few visits to the gunsmith before the gun was able to perform as expected. I just want to know about the gun's history (i.e. where it's made from, specs, etc.) because upon searching the web I can't find any.
And lastly, I want to buy a gun for my wife, what would be a good home defense gun for a woman. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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well my friend,
I honestly dont believe your starting out right.if you are to buy a weapon for home defence, i really dont think buying the "cheapest thing out there" is a safe choice. If you are to buy a home defence weapon, i would suggest that your wife go to a gun store and try out any glock that ends in a "C" beacuse it means compensated and has lower kick so it wont jack up you wife during the shots. For a realible weapon you dont got to take to a smithy all the time try a
Smith & Wesson M&P.45 and as far as your weapon, ill try to make a profile for it.
well the profile is done, there wasnt to much on it that i could find in a hurry, but its something

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