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8 years 42 weeks ago, 12:21 PM


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inaugural party

who could think of better ways for this guy to spend $1.6M... sounds like a pretty expensive party, but hey, I guess its his money.

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8 years 42 weeks ago, 11:20 PM


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Nov 2008

hmm if he wanted to help ppl he could have used that $$ for education, or charities to help wounded vets or homless ppl, but then again his $

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8 years 42 weeks ago, 11:28 PM


more money than sense

these people want to talk about less fortunate people?well give the money to them in the form of a stimulus payment

8 years 42 weeks ago, 11:44 PM


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I think it's wonderful

Less money that tub of lard has now. I'm sure he's got plenty more, but it does my heart good to see a moron like that spend his money on people who only care what Obama's nanny-state government is going to give them and who won't remember their benefactor's name after their next welfare check comes in.

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