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I have been looking for AKs...but of course, the prices are so high, but with some many buying guns, no word on Obama's plan for guns (although we pretty much all have a good idea what will happpen/or what will be attempted)...I don't see the prices dropping anytime soon, so even thought the prices are high, I am still thinking about getting one now. Here is what I found:

AKM 47 RM Russian Red Style Rifle, 762 x 39 semi auto,built by Lancaster Consulting, these are rock solid lineup of features
16 inch chrome lined barrel
Threadded barell with slant brake
G2 Fire Control
Well finished wood furniture set in Dark Russian Red
Parkerized base finish w/epoxy Gun-Kote
Rifle head spaced & test fired at factory
1 - 30 round mag
Lifetime factory warranty
AKM 47 Rm Red

I got this on Atlantic Firearms website...contacted them, they said 2-3 weeks for delivery after the order is made.


1. Has anyone bought anything from this company?

2. Anybody have any AKs from here? What is your feeling about it/them?

3. Anybody finding others at different sites cheaper?
This one is over 700 dollars (which I know normall would be way high...but in this climate, can I expect to pay much less...if so, where?). Buying a Saiga and doing my own is not an option...if you don't know I am overseas so I can't get into projects at this time.


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Pkato talk to Reaper

I think he got one from lancaster, made in AZ, I think.

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I bought an AK from Lancaster, and am very happy with it. It is very solid and accurate compared to other AKs. I would suggest that you buy directly through them though...

They take orders and build rifles to the customers needs. Last time I checked, they had the rifles out the door 3 wks after the order was placed. I drove over to their manufacturing plant, and just happened to get one out of a very large order that was made. Mine is the 3060. They're asking $799 retail on their website, but I'm sure they will come off of it a little bit. I know they wholesale them for $650-$699. Even with the stamped reciever, its still a great rifle. I would recommend them any time.

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