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A current internet news announcement just said that a court in Iran had sentenced three people to death for protesting the recent elections. What will they do next? A dictatorship is a dictatorship, whether ultra right wing (the Nazis) or ultra left wing (Stalin's Soviet Union), or whether totally secular or at least nominally religious. I say "nominally" religious, because in the case of Iran, those in power give lip service to Islam while practicing exclusionary totalitarian dictatorship. The problem for the US & the West is how do we have any meaningful, productive diplomatic negotiations with people like this? Obama stated that he would gladly meet with & negotiate with the Iranian leaders, but instead of accepting his offer, then staging a show event, they utterly rejected it in the harshest terms. Now what? Economic sanctions haven't worked, and won't work. They don't need the West, they can get what they need from China & Russia.

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The US should let them stew in their own shit,the opposition party had better understand that these protests lead to the gallows and that being the case they had better go full bore.That means violence and assassination.You are not going to sit down and talk with that dictator bastard. The CIA is probably the fly on the wall over there.Our President should not give them any more time publically,but he is a very weak statesman so far.

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