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Israel and America

I watched the televised meeting of O and the Israeli PM. What I saw was one man doing his job. Defending his people and their land, supporting the wishes of the majority. The other guy aint got a clue what he is doing. He sure as hell aint doing his job.

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6 years 18 weeks ago, 6:05 PM



Keeping my nose clean on that one, because I did not watch and do not know, but look in out of respect when you post. John

6 years 18 weeks ago, 8:41 PM


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I listened to it also... and know who was who. LOL! Pretty embarrassing when our president has to get a history lesson on national TV. His actions were disgusting. He has insulted our only true ally in the middle east and show either his ignorance or his true colors in suggesting they give in to Hamas. That man is determined to destroy our countries support. First Brittian and now israel.

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