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OK friends. Most of us learned about pigeon-guided bombs in WW II, and later, porpoise- guided torpedoes and bomb planters, and surveillance cameras mounted on porpoises.

The enemies of Israel have been trying, mightily, to get the rest of the world to believe that the Israelis are not playing fair. Have you heard that the Israelis have trained sharks to attack beach-going muslims, while avoiding contact with ANYONE of the jewish faith. [obviously they were sharks of the jewish faith]. It has been also claimed that the MOSSAD trained a vulture to carry microcircuit optical surveillance equipment mounted on its talons, to spy over Saudi Arabia.
If those claims are not hilarious enough, middle east news organizations have just released a better story. It was alleged that amateur Lebanese hunters apprehended an eagle/hawk [translation uncertain] that was tagged with a label, "ISRAEL", and carrying super microscale surveillance equipment. The eagle/hawk was said to have had the gift of rudimentary speech, but refused to divulge anything but name-rank-and serial number, plus an occasional MFER,

Meanwhile, no enemy force intelligence agencies have admitted that business in Israeli state of the art drone sales, is burgeoning. In fact-- they have not admitted that the Israelis even HAVE drones.

Out of tragedy, can sometimes come laughter.


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