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Is it worth it

I would like to get my Fedral Firearms License So I can have my guns shiped to my house and cut out the middle man but I probly buy maybe 6-8 guns a year and if I want to sell old ones and get the most back out them it would be better to sell or trade them myself rather than selling to a dealer. Would it be worth it to pay every 3 years for my FFL?

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That is a good question. My wife is thinking about getting a FFL herself since the closes FFL is now 25 miles away one way. I would if I was you check into it and see if it is still worth going that way.

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welcome to the site,thanks for all your hard work.
Here is a link to information on the FFL;

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A BIG NO. I have had one in the past. The feds will not issue you one unless you have a store with regular hours of business. The days of a mom and pop kitchen gun store are very quickly coming to an end.
The batf&e are not there to help you but to wait till they can find a mistake in your paper work to shut you down. I have heard of what I call "hunter, killer" agents that look for any error no matter how small so they can jerk your ffl.
Look into it real hard before you do it, you may find it better to drive the 25 miles with less head aches.
I never had an issue with the ferds but I know of some that have.
I know of a store with zero issues for years till the feds came in to do a records check and found one number had been transpossed(example 12345 instead of 12435) on one transaction out of hundereds. TResults was a fine and loss of the ffl.
Not to scare you out of doing it but if you do go in with both eyes wide open.
Good luck if you decide to optain your ffl.

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