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Shpira lovac

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J Nowotny Prague

I own a hunting rifle J Nowotny Prague. Baskul of rifle is rich engraved arabesques, and all other metal parts. The gun has ejectors. The rifle is the call: 12x70, it is the hunting state. I would like to know the year and place of manufacture, the value at the time of its production, which is a trigger system, how it is choke-bored, the kind of pipe material, from which timber the gun stock and te under gun stock are made the and some general information about the gun. I photographed the gun and some of its parts, so if there is someone who can give some information I can send the photos by email.

6 years 17 weeks ago, 9:29 AM

Saint J.M. Browning

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Gun pics

Or you can post them here and get more eyes on it. I assume you have more pics of the detail, right?

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its a shotgun, not a rifle

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Gun n'rifle

Well, I own a breech loader, a breech loading rifle that is, so nothin' would surprise me but I'm with Reaper 100% 'coz that looks 100% like a shot gun to me too...

Which gets me onto what my daddy and every firearms instructor I ever had in Australia ever told anybody who called a rifle a "gun"... Pointing at the lad's SLR and then down at the lad's crotch they'd say "That's a rifle, that's a gun, that's for shootin', that's for fun... and if you eeeeeevvvver call it a gun again I'll f**kin' open you up from tit to tummy with this here knife!"
Amen to that kiddo

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