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New director for the ATF&E, CDC studies gun violence and preventative measures. More "estringent "definitions on "assult weapons", emergency training for our first responders?, limited mag capacity, more united group communications for background checks, "universal background checks" and a personal favorite...12 percent of the inmates polled claimed to have bought their guns retail. What about the other 88 % that didn't that got no mention?

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23 points

To bring up the other 88 percent would be negative to their scan to confuse the public. If they did bring it up they would say something like the guns were not in safe keeping which allowed them to be stolen.
Remember we have to play by the rules they make up as they go along.

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5 years 14 weeks ago, 9:23 AM

bad landing47

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23 points

Just read the list of 23 points. Seemed fairly benign to me, but I didn't get the details. The only point that bothered me was number 4, having that lying weasel Eric Holder deciding what constitutes a reason a person can't own a gun. Could it be someone who owns multiple guns and would be considered a fanatic, or someone whos politics don't jive with the presidents? And re. margaritivilles post, you don't think those inmates would lie about where they got their guns , do you?

5 years 14 weeks ago, 7:24 PM

Saint J.M. Browning

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More than stirred up. I'm incensed. Shit's about to go down and I'm preparing for it.

BTW, the 12% that said they got their guns retail? That's cause they didn't want to admit they stole them or bought them illegally and add to their charges.

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