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Let's face it my friends, although I consider myself about three miles to the right of Ghengis Khan in my pollitical convictions, Karl Rove has never been my idea of a complete conservative. I suppose we can forgive him for being a college drop out--but when he discloses the "fact" that he has apparently not read an important section of the US Constitution, his criticism of The Donald becomes embarassing to say the least.

Recently, he criticized Donald for believing that Obama "might not be a US citizen", and Rove gave us his Constitutional lesson for the day. QUOTE/ The Constitutional requirement is that you have to be a United States citizen/UNQUOTE Apparently, Mr. Rove has never read the entirety of Article 2, Section I, of the US Constitution, and thus, in criticizing The Donald, Rove misses the WHOLE point. Paragraph 5 states clearly and briefly: "No person EXCEPT a NATURAL BORN citizen.......shall be eligible to the office of President". Thus, if citizens have a reasonable suspicion that the incumbent did not meet that requirement, they should have the right to a further recourse. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court of the US has refused, so far, to hear any of the many law suits concerning the controversy. But The Donald apparently will be using his considerable resourses to privately investigate, and hopefully resolve the issue, one way or the other.

Folks, regardless of whether you like him or hate him, and regardless of whether we think it is a political ploy to gain more support for his candidacy for President, Mr. Trump, one way or the other, may very well do the USA a big favor. If the evidence confirms "natural born", the issue is settled. If the evidence is to the contrary, the US Supreme Court will find it difficult to ignore it, and the end result could be removal from office and prosecution for falsification of federal eligibility certification.

In my opinion, The Donald is performing a service to the Country, even if it may be self-serving.

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But it never will because of the ramifications if it ever came out that he was not a citizen. All living hell would break loose and we would be looking at a second civil war for sure. I wander who would win that one? The liberal greenie gun grabers, or the conservative bitter clingers?

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The ones who rite the history of it...

No sir, he fell into that bullet... Never argue with a stupid person. They'll just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience!!

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