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kel tec pf 9

has anyone shot this gun yet, if so how you like it.

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pf 9

I have one it shoots nice for a short frame with a mag ext it has a better feel and more control I just bought a kahr cw9 it has a longer frame shoots great and they bolth hold 7+1 the pf9 is good but the kahr is better but around $100 more

8 years 31 weeks ago, 9:43 PM


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Its an ok gun, very easy to conceal, but it has a design flaw that has not been fixed. When the last round in a magazine is fired out frequently, it putts a small grove from the casing into the magazine follower. The slide stop also chips away at the follower, so after a while it will no longer lock the slide back. To fix these two you can just put in a snap cap for the last round, or count your shots. I have found that the springs also wear out fairly quick, causing a fail to feed. You can get free replacements from Keltec for both these parts, but I certainly wouldnt use it as a primary carry.

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