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Let Freedom Ring! House Overwhelmingly Votes for Gun Bills
By Jeff Woods
Mar. 19 2009 @ 10:50AM

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show arrived with great fanfare on the state House floor this morning, with those crowd-pleasing buckaroos voting in near unanimity to liberalize gun laws in ways never before contemplated by modern civilized society. "We want to be the safest state in the union with the most freedom possible," Rep. Phillip Johnson declared as the first of the legislature's many gun bills flew out of the House chamber. Yippee-aye-oh-ky-aye!

The House voted 88-2 to bar the Safety Department from asking handgun permit holders to give the serial numbers of their pistols. The Safety Department apparently doesn't ask for this information anyway, but there's no point in taking any risks with our Second Amendment freedoms. "Would that information be helpful in identifying stolen weapons or weapons used in crimes?" Rep. G.A. Hardaway asked innocently just before the House voted and burst into applause at the lopsided outcome.

The vote was 89-1 to make it a little less risky, legally speaking, for homeowners and business owners to gun down burglars. And in the day's coup de grace, the House voted 82-10 to make it lawful for handgun permit holders to ride around with loaded rifles and shotguns in their vehicles. That latter bill, explained the sponsor Henry Fincher, is necessary so as not to inconvenience the fine citizens who wish to go armed in our state. As it is, they have to unload their weapons in their vehicles. What a pain!

Of course, it also makes it easier to shoot people as you're riding down the highway in your pickup. But that little issue never came up in the House debate. Instead, lawmakers worried a lot that the bill discriminates against all the people who don't have handgun permits. They'll still have to unload their weaponry in their vehicles. Is that fair?

Fincher said he understood the concerns and he'd like to let people keep their guns loaded as they're "going down the road to check on the cows" because they "might run into snakes or whatnot" and feel the need to blaze away at the reptiles. But he persuaded the House to vote on his bill and loosen gun laws later yet again to accommodate those without handgun permits.

Rep. Jeanne Richardson had the audacity to suggest that there's no real need to change the law at all. "I really don't see what the problem is with keeping your gun in your car and your ammunition in the trunk. That's a very safe plan." No one even bothered to respond to such a strange opinion, and she sat back down.

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Way to go Tennessee. I love my state! Of course, I have the feeling that whoever wrote the article was being a smart ass about it, but he can kiss my ass if he was.

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yeah tennessee!


I'm just another damn yankee with a loaded gun looking for some fun!

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