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Without term limits, and this goes for both parties. We will never get government working for the people again.

Each election is an advance auction on the sale of stolen goods
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Term limits

When I was growing up State Reps recieved only a stipend for theit gov service. That meant that most Reps were business owners or profesionals who could take time away from their jobs. Congress met for only a few months a year to lessen hardship on Reps. Business people leaned toward minimal taxes, just enough to run the state, and pro business growth, ie. no onorous laws or regulations. So it was back in the 18th century when the founding fathers believed all the reps would be volunteers and do the nations business with only a small stipend to cover expenses. And when the work was done return to their farms. Their goals being to retain liberty, promote business and protect our nation. Today we have people like Joe Biden who never held a real job and has gotten comfortably wealthy off tax payer money, Obama who never held a for profit job and spends money like he was king, and many, many others. Lets start doing term limits, no more lifetime pension after serving two years, you live on DC area for what time congress is in session, if you want to go home for any reason during your term of service it's on your dime, No more cross country trips by private airliner every weekend like Nancy Pelosi did when she was Speaker, bring back honor to Congress and stop the malicious attacks by far left zealots on our elected officals. You all can speak your piece about how you feel about anyiones performance but leave out bringing in other family members, religious beliefs, or comparisons to Hitler or Stalin and other kindergarten like behaviors. The best leaders in this country never choose to get elected for obvoius reasons, but I believe there are enough true patriots who would serve if Congress could become a viable institution. It could happen. Perhaps some day Congress could raise their status to more well liked than cockroaches. or colonoscopies.

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