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A little Obama info

Just read this today...

From the Desk of:Steve Elliott, President, Alliance Please forward this to your friends askingthem to take immediate action with you. --Steve

Tim Geithner,
Barack Obama's nominee for Treasury Secretary shouldnot be confirmed. Geithner failed to pay over $34,000 in taxes over four years. Heonly recently coughed up some of the money when the vetting processexposed him. Geithner called them "careless mistakes... avoidable... unintentional"But it is much worse than that. A 2006 IRS audit exposed him butGeithner didn't pay the taxes he owed for two of the years thatwere outside the statute of limitations. In other words, he knew he was in the wrong for four years...but only paid up for two years due to a technicality! Geithner'semployer actually PAID him an extra allowance for these taxeshe didn't pay. And Geithner even signed a statement promisingto pay the taxes: "I will pay the taxes for which I have received taxallowance payments." Now we're to believe he was "careless" and this happened becausethe man who is to be the Treasury Secretary in charge of collectingtaxes from you and me messed up on TurboTax? On top of this, Geithner employed an illegal alien for domestichelp. And he has been right in the middle of the failed TARPbailout that has already cost taxpayers tens of billions of dollars.

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