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My name is Bryan and I am new to the site. I live in Bracey, Va . it is in mecklenburg county. I am looking for people to shoot with ie. pistol and rifle. as well as a place or shooting facility to shoot within the area. It is legal to shhot in my backyard however, it is annoying my neighbors. not that i really care about that, i would like to keep the peace with them. All the ranges in the area are private and i am not interested in becoming a member, performing duties, going to meetings blah blah blah. i just want to shoot at targets. I would be willing to pay for land use as long as it is within legal right. if anyone else is in the same boat in my area maybe a discussion to form a range in the area.
One a different note. I have a fully loaded hi point 9mm carbine that i am looking to sell or trade. ATI stock and butt pad. 3 tactical rails. 2 nc star led tac lights. shorty foregrip. nc star 45mm red dot scope, muzzle and 3 clips. looking to sell or trade for a new kel tec su 22 [email protected]

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