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Dobbs Examines Obama Eligibility Question tonight at 7:00PM
The Western Center for Journalism

Showing that our hard work and determination in pursuing the issue of Obama's eligibility is getting noticed by the media, Iconic Talk show host Lou Dobbs says "he and his staff have been working hard to figure out what's going on." And tonight Dobbs will have Alan Keyes and Orly Taitz on his program to debate the issue. He said he's found the Federal Election Commission does "nothing to validate … a candidate....Nor do the states."

From CNN, On TV Tonight 7pm ET FACEOFF: Is Obama eligible for presidency? New questions are being raised about President Obama’s eligibility to be president. The latest comes from U.S. Army Reserve Major Stefan Cook. He refused deployment to Afghanistan. Cook claimed his orders were illegal, because President Obama wasn’t born in the United States…. making him ineligible to be president and Commander-in-chief. Orly Taitz Attorney for Maj. Stefan Frederick Cook Alan Keyes Former Presidential Candidate Vs. John Avlon Columnist, Author, “Independent Nation” Errol Louis CNN Contributor Host WWRL Morning Show Columnist, NY Daily News

For more information on how the media is beginning to take notice of this issue, read this WorldNetDaily article on how Dobbs and others in the media are beginning to take notice of our efforts to uncover the truth.

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1) By court order, Occidental College has released Obama's records which allegedly disclose that he enrolled as a foreign student from Indonesia, and obtained Fulbright funds [Federal program for foreign students], having certified he was a foreign national.
2) Justice Scalia announced that the SCOTUS would hear arguments in the case filed by Leo Donofrio. This case questions whether Obama met the test of being a natural born citizen.
I reported this two weeks ago.

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I myself have questioned the same why is his birth certificate so hidden.

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I'm glad i live in the sticks. You thought the LA riots were bad....

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so whats the update?

anybody see this ?

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