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Man with loaded gun arrested near LAX
The Associated Press
Posted: 01/12/2009 09:18:12 PM PST

LOS ANGELES—A contract employee at Los Angeles International Airport has been arrested after police found a loaded rifle in the trunk of his car.
Airport Police Sgt. Jim Holcomb says Markus Sargent was taken into custody Monday on World Way West, a roadway used by employees entering the airport. Holcomb says a .22-caliber long rifle was found in the trunk of Sargent's car during a random check.

Holcomb says Sargent told authorities the gun had been handed down through several generations of his family and he forgot it was in his car. Sargent told authorities he had planned to put it in storage.

Sargent was booked for investigation of carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle. He was released late Monday after posting $25,000 bail.

A frikkin .22 and $25,000 bail, for Christ's sake does it never end?

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easy answer!

stay away from LAX!

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Thats why I moved.

I grew up in the extreme opposite end (geographically/geopolitically) of the state from that hell hole. Thier ignorant politics still affected the rest of the state. In Ca. if you have rounds in the mag. on a public road it is considered a loaded weapon. If it's on a Forest Service or B.L.M. road you alright, just don't have one chambered. You are supposed to have your firearm and ammunition in seperate locked compartments. They cannot be in the same vehicle space, i.e. trunk, cab.

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It is really a shame that they could not make California into two seperate states. There is a lot of good gun folks stuck in California with a bunch of liberals. California has so many good resources, hunting, fishing, industries, great weather, but they got unlucky in the liberal department.
To bad a earth quake could not just put all those big cities under water, then the rest of the state would be great.

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