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greg az

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Am i down for a little NCAA action, well yeah !! Think we need to make sure we don't cause any site issues.. Poor Marvin, he jumped in to fix that problem last night, and now he's thinking were going to get him involved with Internet gambling.. ha ha..

Lets make it clear that the site is in no way involved, or in any way fosters, or profits from any thing related to the tournament.. That being said just let me know how your guys want to do this.. One overall, pick for final 4.. Most picks for the sweet 16 or what.. guessing we need to send "whoever" "whatever" ASAP.. So if someone would let me know i'd be real happy..

Got to tell you about the most fun i've ever had with the tournament.. Brother, his wife Ann and i had planed a one week camping fishing trip to lake Mead back in 88.. This was during the heyday of Lute Olson's tenure at the U, and living in Tucson, big stuff.. Almost didn't go on the trip as i knew i was going to miss the fun of watching it at one of the sports bars.. Camping won out.. We started at the far west end of the lake a developed campsite, then followed a dirt road that borders (bordered?) the lake to the last nights camp at the east end of Mead, and was the only other developed camp site we stayed in.. Lee's ferry..This is where the GC river trips end..

The one i remember best was picked by brother due to name (gregs cove) we turned off the main dirt road, and followed a trail that led thru the foot hills that surround the SE section of Mead. This turned out to be the neatest camp site we stayed in.. the cove was large enough for maybe four or five camps, and we had it to our self (same for 3 of the 6 nights) Huge stripers.. beautiful view, and the games on the radio. had a little ac/dc b&w 5" tv (nothing but the best for me ya know) but the reception was horrible.. Radio was perfect tho, and the Cats won.. Any of you old time Uof A fans might remember Steve Kerr.. Steve was a point guard, who the fans loved, and every time he nailed a 3 the announcer AND fans drew his name out.. Steeve KEEEEER.. Good times..

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and a guy that was in training on his way to 'Nam and me primitive camping by the ghost town Bodie Ca, about 75 miles south of Tahoe. I loaded up my '69 Toyota Corolla with Special Services camping equip, wife & friend. He'd just bought a Browning Hi Power 9MM, darn good shootin' gun! I had my arsenal.
Anyway, on the way to Bodie the VERY dirt road split, one going low the other high, I took the high one and instantly dropped the car into very deep ruts and could not get out. I dug, shoved rocks, cursed and kicked because back then there was no one for about a million miles, give or take a few. Started planning to set up camp when a jacked up 4 wheel drive 3/4 ton Ford rolled up, 2 hunters got out of the cab and 6 bailed out of the bed, not a word. No hi or howdy, they just picked up my Toyota, sat it on the high part of the ruts, jumped back in the truck and raced off like the devil was after them. If it were not for those hunters there'd be a very low mileage '69 Toyota Corolla sitting in the ruts.
Bodie later was taken over by the Feds, National Monument or some such. It was pretty much in good shape for a ghost town back then but Feds wanted it to stay that way, it's cool.


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