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just picked up a mauser 7mm , know almost nothing about them . any websites out there that can help me get more familar with it thanks in advance

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Your 7MM Mauser

The piece you have is a deer hunting rifle and from what I rememeber of what I have fired, a piece I remember as a sweet weapon. The piece barks a bit and has enough mussle flash to light up the night, a reason would not like to do tactical duty with this piece without a flash supressor. The ammunition on this piece can get a bit too peppery, but a standard load is enough to do the job when hunting where deer rifles are allowed like out west rather than rifled slugs or 12 or 20 gauge guns. Like any new field gun, I would invest in a box of ammunition to get a better feel for it and get my feet on the ground in sighting this piece in. Hunting if that is what you bought the piece for, is afterall a bit of some learned skill preparation, hunting in the right place with the right piece the good fortune to get a good clean (and safe) single shot. One clean shot should do, and if you don't think you have it, don't take it.

The vintage of this rifle is an issue with some pieces going back to the 1890s though 1908 and then later Mausers. The lighter and heavier models in the 7MM Mauser tend to have guys who like one type or another. I personally like the lighter versions just cause I think I am more accuate with the ligher model. The piece from my experience has a lot of the same feel & accuracy during firing that a 1903 Eddistone 30 Cal has, an older Us piece which was a popular piece during WWI.

To your question a recent email exchange at The hunters life ( in my view, pretty well talked though some of the aspects of this piece. All the best and safe hunting.

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