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Has anyone here met a recipient of the Medal of Honor? Tell about it. There arent very many veterans out there who have earned such an honor, and to me, running into one of them is an honor in itself. I was on my way to the range ( the same day my latest range photos were taken) when I stopped to pay my water bill. When I left I pulled up to the stop sign and let a red corvette go ahead of me from the right. When I pulled up behind the vette i noticed it had a different license plate. at first i figured it was a purple heart or something, but when we both stopped at the red light, it was a CMH plate. i honked my horn real quick to get the driver's attention, got out and approached him. i asked him, Medal of Honor? he said yep, i then shook his hand and said thank you sir. he said yer welcome and made a right turn. just a quick moment to render my respect for someone who earned such a high honor. later on i found on the internet that he was Clarence Sasser who was decorated for combat actions in Vietnam. I also saw a vehicle near my home that had a gold star sticker in their window, i didnt have the opertunity to talk to them, but God bless them. any chance we get to render our respects to such folks should be treated like an honor.

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I had a chance to meet one back home in Indiana but the guy could not make it the the Vietnam meeting the guys have in Kokomo, IN. This is the closes I have been to meeting one.

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President Bush awarded the Medal of Honor to Army Capt. Humbert R. Versace posthumously in a ceremony July 8, 2002, at the White House. Versace, known to many as "Rocky," was executed by the Viet Cong in September 1965 while a prisoner of war in Vietnam. The Medal of Honor recognizes his valor in combat and during two years of captivity. USA

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